New ACEO: A Visit to the Gallery

Little Hank always liked to take his lunch breaks at the Mouseum of Modern Art.  “One day, maybe I can paint like that, he thought”, although his family had discouraged it when he was a young mouse on the farm.

Two new ACEOs with my art loving little mouse.  It’s been a fun way to play with different art styles.

Mixed media on Arches hot press paper.

New ACEO: Mouseum-“Tiger Caught in the Tropical Sprinklers”

“How I wish I spoke French,” Little Hank thought as he daydreamed and contemplated his favorite artist and namesake’s masterpiece.

Spent all afternoon on this one.  I think it’ll be the last one of 2017.  Happy New Year!  🙂

Watercolor, colored pencil, graphite on Aquarelle Arches hot press paper.


New ACEO: “Cat Fight”

My cats were arguing this morning over cubism vs constructivism (or destructivism…). All I know is when I came out for my morning coffee, I had to clean up the mess.So I did my own interpretation of their disagreement and this resulted.

Winsor Newton and Reeves watercolors on Arches hot press paper.