Airy Aristocrats

Finished these over the weekend.  Winsor Newton and Reeves watercolors on Aquarelle Arches hot press paper.  (Almost no colored pencil this time. Maybe I’m getting a little better). I used carmine, medium yellow, ultramarine, cerulean, violet, paynes grey, ivory black,  burnt umber and zinc white gouache.  I evened the color out on the sky a bit with colored pencil and enhanced the antenna on the second butterfly.  Overall, happy with these.



Ladybug I & II and a Cup o’ Fluff

I just finished three new aceos and hope they represent some progress with watercolor. I love the vibrancy and delicacy of watercolors, but haven’t gotten past ‘drawing’ with them yet.  I used Aquarelle Arches hot press paper and various colored pencils to burnish the backgrounds on two and add some enhancements on all of them.  The last aceo appeared unenhanced in an earlier post, but I thought it needed some work.





Illustration and Photoshop Brushes

I did these illustrations for a short story.   As an artist, I’ve never quite developed a unique or identifiable style.  Maybe I’m still trying…but there are so many styles I like and admire that I get bored trying to do only one thing.  I used Photoshop brushes to give these a hand-rendered look and it was so easy to experiment and play with effects I might never go back to watercolors and pastels….

Flora & Fluff

Reeves and Winsor Newton Watercolors on Aquarelle Arches hot press paper.  The last kitten (with his nosey new friend) reminds me of my cat, Max, when he was just a tiny ball of fluff.  All the kitten pics are referenced from photos by David Gibbon.

Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season so I just wanted to put out a little holiday cheer.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and anyone who drops by my little art blog.

These were drawn with ink and colored pencil on Bristol paper.